when it's time to
sell your pharmacy

As a pharmacy manager at the Shopko that acquired my business, I have always been treated with respect & given the freedom to run my Shopko Pharmacy as if it were my own. Bob Hagemann, Quincy, IL
Many of the owners I have worked with have been surprised that, even in this difficult economy, the value of their pharmacy business has remained strong. Mike Zagelow, RPh.
Director of Pharmacy
Business Development
It was important to me that all my patients were cared for. Shopko worked with me to plan an acquisition of not only my retail business but also my compounding hospice and compliance packing.Alan Winter
Ogden, UT
Shopko made the acquisition process much easier than I ever dreamed... for me, my employees and my customers. When my technician of 25 years told me she was excited about the move to Shopko, I knew I made the right choice.Jim Shupenus
Jacksonville, IL

Choose a company you, your customers &
employees can all take pride in.

Shopko Pharmacy offers:

  • Competitive pharmacy bids
  • A smooth business transition
  • Customer appreciation
  • Respect & support

a neighborhood pharmacy you can trust

Shopko recognizes that our pharmacy service is the cornerstone of our business. We are a smaller, family-oriented chain with an environment that independent owners and their pharmacy staff can be comfortable with and thrive in. Shopko is proud to support local community organizations and events and continues its support of charitable causes with the communities we serve.

your customers and employees are cared for

We have great respect for your entrepreneurial spirit and your achievements as an independent pharmacy owner. When you're ready to sell you pharmacy business, you can count on Shopko to provide you with the best pharmacy exit strategy. Shopko Pharmacy fosters a service experience that exceeds that of the larger chains. Once your customers are transitioned to Shopko they will be cared for in a fashion that you, as their pharmacist, can feel good about.

opportunities for the future

Shopko makes competitive bids on pharmacies and is focused on growing through acquisition. Working with Shopko can provide an attractive return while improving your quality of life by reducing your work load. Shopko offers a variety of employment and benefits options and is committed to providing a quality work environment for the owners and their staff who choose to continue their pharmacy career by joining the Shopko family.

we make
it easy.

Step 1: Introduction & Fact Finding

During initial conversations, we will work with you to understand your business and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2: Offer Presentation

Once your pharmacy has been evaluated, we will schedule another meeting with you and present an offer.

Step 3: Transition

Our experienced staff will work with you throughout the entire acquisition process.

Contact us today for more information

Mike Zagelow, R.Ph.
Director of Pharmacy Business Development
Phone: (608) 246-8044 ext. 636
Cell: (608) 213-8873
Fax: (920) 429-8873
Email: sellyourpharmacy@shopko.com